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Global Wild Chilli Grow Contest 2010 (deadline for inscription is January 31)

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Hi pepper people!


I'm pretty sure you all like it hot, but do you also like it wild? We're organising a Wild Chilli Grow Contest this year and we would love to invite people from all over the world to participate in it.


The idea is to grow the heaviest pods of a certain wild chilli variety (the participants choose this variety from a list of a well known Finnish seed vendor and we negotiate a deal on it, so you get them cheap(er)). Since the wild varieties' pods are quite small we'll measure 10 pods or something. You choose the 10 heaviest of your pods, take a picture of the scales and post it before the end date. Something like that. We're still discussing the details of the contest and which variety we want to grow and we invite you to join in the discussion.


Can I link to this contest? It's on a different forum, is that appreciated? I asked on one USA forum and they didn't appreciate that. I also quite like this forum and wouldn't like to get banned... Otherwise you'll just have to search for it.


I think there's some quite knowledgeable people from this forum already on the wild forum, so some of you probably already knew about the contest.


Hope you are all excited about getting some cheap seeds of a wild capsicum and growing the biggest pods ;)


Love you all and hope to see you around.




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Ops ... I miss this topic B) (excuse: I'm KO because of a bad cold, maybe influence)


Of course it's possible to put here a link to the wild growing contest; here:




I would prefer a different approach, not based on weight, but perhaps on number of pods per plant.

but it's too difficult to measure ...

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