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The ""Pepper X"" 🤣


I know this pepper probably doesn't even exist. I got the seeds from my brother who bought the seeds from a seller in ML (brazilian version of eBay).
The seller say in his ad that the seeds are imported from UK, the packaging is in the first photo.
I know it's hard to identify but I would like to hear your opinions...














I think the pods is similar to Big Olive Mama but I don't know what really is... :unknw:

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I've never heard of the brand or seed provider shown on that photo of the seed packet. I'm in the UK.  Did the back of the seed packet have any more information on the source?


You're correct in that this will be something else!

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Hi ChilliCrosser!

Unfortunately I don't have the packaging... the seller removed the seeds and repacked in a plastic blister with 5 seeds each to sell, the original packaging contained 10 seeds.
The company's website seems to be down for a long time, while searching for the brand I found some ADs for seed sales on e-commerce sites in the UK such as FRABCO and AmazonUK.
Unfortunately that's all I know...

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