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Pathophysiological Effects of Chronic Toxicity with Synthetic Pyrethroid

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Hi Pepperfriends.



After search a lot about Pyrethroids i found this article:


Pathophysiological Effects of Chronic Toxicity with Synthetic Pyrethroid, Organophosphate and Chlorinated Pesticides on Bone Health of Broiler Chicks

  1. Umesh K. Garg

  1. Asim K. Pal

  1. Gautam J. Jha

  1. Sanjay B. Jadhao

  1. Central Institute of Fisheries Education, Agricultural Research Service, 7 Bungalows, Versova, Mumbai 400 061(M.S.), India,




This experiment evaluated effects following chronic toxicity with 20 ppm fenvalerate (synthetic pyrethroid), 2 ppm monocrotophos (organophosphate) and 2 ppm endosulfan (chlorinated hydrocarbon) on bone health of broiler chicks. A total of 120 chicks were divided equally into 4 groups and were fed poultry mash without (control) or mixed with different pesticides for 8 weeks. Body mass, serum calcium and phosphorus levels were unaffected due to pesticides treatment. However, an increase (p < 0.01) in serum alkaline phosphatase activity was noted and serum total protein decreased (p < 0.01) in all treated groups. Roentogenography revealed destructive changes in the upper part of the femur in the monocrotophos group. Endosulfan intoxicated chicks had increased numbers of trabeculae in the medullary cavity. Microscopic alterations of the costochondral junction in intoxicated chicks were similar. The zones of proliferating, maturing and degenerating, and calcifying cartilage cells were reduced in width and the metaphysis in treated birds showed a reduced number of cartilage cells and thinner trabeculae. Due to toxicity, the capillary scaffolding of the degenerating cartilage cells was reduced and a larger number of transverse trabeculae could be seen in the metaphysis. Appositional bone growth studied by the tetracyclicline labeling technique indicated decreased active osteons.




AND this site:




I'm not finished yet to search about pyrethroids. When one product is very recomended by stores and fabrics as safe product, it makes me want to find information arround the product and i don't stop until i feel it's enough.


I hope this information help everybody.




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Hi Flavio,


Very interesting...... not surprising for me.


It's a fact that


- Very often (bad) effects of some substances are discovered only after decades they are present on the market

- To make deep analysis in this field a lot of time (and money) is needed. How many companies operating on this market do you think are interested in investing time and money in those kind of studies ?

- Also when there are some results, it's not easy to have the information (while positive effects are usually advertised very well)

- Sometimes, even when bad effects are clear, substance is not immediatly retired from the market.


Probably for someone it's a matter of "cost/benefit" (maybe relevant for business growers) but i don't use any product.... I prefer to have plants lost if this is the cost.


Only think i accept is what's natural.... like for example "biological control" (I mean... if my plants are mity i can introduce natural predators of that kind of mites).


And - once again - I suggest everybody to read very very carefully what's written on the product packaging..... you could be scared by that.


For Italians: Se volete traduzione di questo fatemi sapere, Flavio cita una ricerca degli effetti di piretroidi sintetici sulle ossa dei pulcini (non belle).

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Thank Flavio, very interesting.


For sure, we should try to reduce at a minimum the use of pesticides.

Biological control and, in the long term, use of varieties resistant to disease are the correct solution.

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