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Outside for a few minutes in this very cold spring

Posted by Patahontas , 31 March 2013 · 949 views

Hi Guys! Today the peppers where outside for a while.
About 20 peppers where outside most of them capsicum chinense, in the middle you can see Rocoto from Vina del Mar. In the front with pointy leafs three pequin/chiltepin.


The complete list of peppers 2013

Posted by Patahontas , 23 February 2013 · 857 views


These are the peppers I am groing this year

Burkina Yellow
Capsicum Flexuosum
Capsicum Tovarii (CGN 22876)
Carpet Pepper
CGN 21500
CGN 22092
Florida Wild
Goat Pepper Bahamas
Grif 15020 Capsicum Flexuosum
Habanero Hot Lemon
McMahons Bird
Morovars Yellow
Pequin from Ischia
Pequin Rosetia
Purple Flowerer chacoense


The begining!

Posted by Patahontas , 04 January 2013 · 734 views


The first in the soil! Many are old, lets hope some germinate:)

I hope some of My pequin/chiletepin germinate as I have never had any luck with them.

I Will not focus in the superhots this year (i am overvintering TSMB and Primo) My focus will be Yellow chinense:)

Burkina Yellow,Chinense
Capsicum Flexuosum,Flexuosum
Capsicum Tovarii (CGN 2...


The best of 2012

Posted by Patahontas , 05 December 2012 · 866 views

Hi Guys - Its been a while. But here are my favorits of 2012. 7 Pot Primo - best scorpion shape ever!

This one is not the regular Red Fatalii, but it also go under t...



Posted by Patahontas , 14 February 2012 · 1,607 views

This year I am growing loads of peppers. But many of the seeds are old - so some wont grow. Some of the wild ones has the wrong species I belive.
http://1.bp.blogspot...40/DSC_1278.JPG http://2.bp.blogspot...40/DSC_1307.JPG http://4.bp.blogspot.com/...



Posted by Patahontas , 25 September 2011 · 597 views

Had a problem of getting true seeds Bhut Jolokia and 7 pod. Even very known seed companys gave me hybrids. This year my Bhut Jolokia and 7 pod turned out true. Thanks Claudio!

Bhut Jolokia


Unknown pepper from Mazaroni River, Guyana

Posted by Patahontas , 13 April 2011 · 881 views

This fun peppers I got from orchid collectors. They had been on a trip in to rain forest in Guyana. Near Mazaroni River, they ran on this chile pepper. They have enjoyed this variety much and cultivated it with success in Stockholm, Sweden. Now I grow it for the first time. I must say that so far it is one of my favorites this year. It bloomed first and h...


Here I go again:)

Posted by Patahontas , 04 April 2011 · 1,209 views

Ciao my dear pepperfriends!

A big update is coming. Started sowing 1 january 2011. Planted some later in January and February. Now is most time for repotting:)

The peppers that I am growing this year (some missing)

Aji Bolivian baccatum
Aji Pineapple baccatum
Aji from Viña del Mar baccatum
Dong Xuan Market baccatum
Inca Red Drop baccatum
Jamican Be...


Some favorites of this year

Posted by Patahontas , 18 December 2010 · 530 views


I hope you all are great, here are som of my favorites of this year.

Pimenta Da Neyde - I looooooove this one!!! This year finaly a nice harvest.



Harvest time soon!

Posted by Patahontas , 09 September 2010 · 512 views

Even though I had serious problem with bugs eating up my pods and leaves outside in the garden. The peppers in the greenhouse has done quite well. The small greenhouse has really made a great difference when it comes to the chinense peppers

Pretty n Purple,



Back from holiday

Posted by Patahontas , 03 August 2010 · 514 views

Hi, things been very busy. In may we saw the birth of our second child, Alexander. So not much time for peppers but I am trying:)

Unknown large red baccatum from michu.



Flowers, plants and ripe pods

Posted by Patahontas , 24 April 2010 · 449 views

Sorry for not writing so much lately, anyway things are doing fine. Here are some pics.

Flowers – I don't pick flowers that often, but here are some;)
7 Pod (blast) –...


7 pod and others in second pot

Posted by Patahontas , 17 March 2010 · 413 views

Inspired by Mats I planted the second time early this year. The varieties were in turn Bhuta Jolokia, Inca Red Drop, Locato PI387838, Pimenta Barra Do Ribeiro, Tabasco Greenleaf, Pimenta Da Neyde and 7 Pod. The plants were rooted through the fine, so it was a good time to give them bigger pots. I added a little chicken manure, which gives an extra kick wi...


More peppers in the soil and germination

Posted by Patahontas , 19 January 2010 · 519 views

Some more peppers in the soil

Yellow Bhut Jolokia Capsicum chinense
NMSU Bhut Jolokia Capsicum chinense
Chocolate Fatalii Capsicum chinense
Aji Verde Capsicum baccatum
Red Tip Capsicum baccatum
Yellow Cheese Pimento Capsicum annuum
Blue Christmas Capsicum annuum
Grifo 15020 Capsicum flexuosum
Capsicum flexuosum

Some pictures of those already planted:...


2010 Seeds in the soil

Posted by Patahontas , 02 January 2010 · 778 views

Yesterday, I planted the first seeds of 2010.




Seed I planted were:

Capsicum chinsens...


Merry Christmas

Posted by Patahontas , 22 December 2009 · 539 views

To all of you that read this blog



White Rocoto

Posted by Patahontas , 14 November 2009 · 781 views



A nice rocoto with typical rocoto taste. Many had brown(almost purple at times) parts because of the sun.

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