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Fatalii Creme

Posted by Jorge Lopes , 10 January 2010 · 1,189 views

Hello forum attached photos Fatalii Creme received from Brazil.

Attached Image: flor_Fatalii_creme.jpg Attached Image: Planta_Fatalii_creme.JPG

Attached Image: fruto.JPG Attached Image: Fatalii_creme_frutos.JPG


Seems to be a very nice pepper! Thanks for sharing it.
Nice pepper!I sowed it two days ago, waiting for sprouting ...I grew something similar in 2008, but under the name "habanero peach"
Jorge Lopes
Mar 22 2010 12:36 AM
Grazie a tutti, spero che germinano, buona fortuna Patahontas e Claudio,

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