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Almost 100% of germination here

Posted by Pablo , 31 December 2009 · 1,213 views

Im happy here. A lot of life!!!

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congratulations!tell us more about your growing system... (your newborn plants look like they need more light) how many holes has your tray?
Nipotastro, thanks! :whistling: i agree with you they are need more light. My problem here is summer. Very hot now 40°C and i cant leave my newborn under the sun all the time. This tray have 128 holes. I have another with 72 holes. For me trays with 72 holes are the best.Before placing the seeds in the tray I leave the seeds in water for 48 hours.we have here a specific substrate for trays (called plantmax HT). I do a mixture of this substrate with earthworm humus (70% substrate + 30 % earthworm humus) . Some people here put in the tray 50% of substrate and 50% of humus. In my next tray I'll put 50% and 50% for testing here.I start to fertilize the newborn after two true leaves appear (foliar fertilizer). When they reach a suitable size I get them into a cups of 400ml or 200ml. At this stage begin to put the fertilizer npk 10-10-10.
thanks for the answers.as you can see on my posts, i prefer 60 holes trays, because the holes are big enough so i can transplant only 1 time in plants growing...
Jan 04 2010 03:06 AM
nice looking plants
Hi NipotastroHere i canīt found 60 holes trays. I agree with you only 1 transpalnt is better for grow. One transplant = only one stress for plants! :D Hi PepperLover Thanks, the next weekend i ll do first transplant 2010 season in my another tray (72 cel tray)

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